Jan 15 1967 Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

Kansas City Chiefs-10 Green Bay Packers-35

Super Bowl #1


Although Bart Starr goes down in history as the MVP for the first Super Bowl, I believe that Max McGee could easily be called the runner up. The Story goes that McGee was not expected to play in that game, and so he had begun drinking the night before the game, and shuffled back into his hotel room at 6:30 game day morning.  On the third snap of the game starting wide receiver reinjured his right shoulder, and coach Lombardi sent in a hung over Max McGee, went on to catch seven passes for 138 yards. The first of his two TDs made history as the first TD pass made in a Super Bowl. He is quoted as saying

” When its third and ten, you can take the milk drinkers and I’ll take the whiskey drinkers every time.”